Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Europlastic's Zoo

There has been a recent attempt by the Conservative Party to hijack the term Eurosceptic and give it a new meaning.  Far from using the term correctly they have decided to turn the meaning of sceptic on its head. Autonomous Mind coined a phrase for this group of faux-sceptic "The Europlastics".

This post will be a growing selection of pictures of the creatures that make up the Europlastic zoo.  I have started with Eurowillie, who obviously is half-hearted about the EU but does not have the balls to stick the Knife in. 

If you have ideas about creatures you think belong in the zoo of  faux sceptics, please let me know.  Email you suggestion and even drawings, to and I will see if I can include your creatures in the Europlastics Zoo.

 Useless Eustace meets his leader.

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